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Sheff to Phillies?

Two veterans outfielders were released today, Gary Sheffield by the Tigers, and Geoff Jenkins by the Phillies, both despite having millions of dollars left on their contracts. Sheffield departed a team without causing a scene for the first time in his career, while Jenkins- aside from a big hit in the clinching game of the World Series- was largely a flop in his one year in Philly.
So therefore… the Phils are supposedly considering signing Sheff themselves. Hmm.

Against Earth Hour

John Cole, who I agree with completely:

Let me break it down for you. People dont want to sit in the dark for an hour in 2009. Period.
I am all in favor of efforts to promote the health of the environment. I will pay higher taxes on fossil fuels. I will support investment in green technologies. I will support investments in biofuels and alternative energy. I will support higher CAFE standards and substantial investments in mass transit. I will support efforts to protect endangered species, wetlands, and to preserve pristine tracts of land. I will reside in an eco-friendly abode as soon as it is economically feasible. I recycle. I use reusable bags when I shop. I will carpool. Ill do all of that, and I am sure I will do more.
But Im not going to sit in the damned dark for an hour. That is just silly.

The same goes for that “carbon credit” nonsense, too.

DL Up, ‘Herd Down

The great On the DL podcast, which I mentioned the other day, is so opposed to ESPN Radio host Colin Cowherd- now on the air in Philly for an hour a day on 950 ESPN- that they’re petitioning to have their show replace his, even if it’s for free.
I’m all for that, but why not put them on 610 in place of the present morning idiots? If you ask me, Cataldi and Co. make Cowherd sound like a genius and a visionary by comparison. Then again, the WIP audience might not be able to abide a morning without any Reid/McNabb/Banner conspiracy theories.

My Wife Really Is Pregnant…

but apparently that’s not the case with Jose Tabata:

Pirates prospect Jose Tabata, reading from a statement in Spanish, said his wife lied to him about being pregnant and then showed to him a baby that she later handed over to authorities, who arrested her on charges of child abduction.
He said Amalia Tabata Pereira, 43, also never informed him that she spent two years and nine months in prison in connection with a fraud and arson case in the same Tampa area where they met and wed while he was a member of the New York Yankees’ Class A affiliate there.

He sounds like a real bright guy.