Against Earth Hour

John Cole, who I agree with completely:

Let me break it down for you. People dont want to sit in the dark for an hour in 2009. Period.
I am all in favor of efforts to promote the health of the environment. I will pay higher taxes on fossil fuels. I will support investment in green technologies. I will support investments in biofuels and alternative energy. I will support higher CAFE standards and substantial investments in mass transit. I will support efforts to protect endangered species, wetlands, and to preserve pristine tracts of land. I will reside in an eco-friendly abode as soon as it is economically feasible. I recycle. I use reusable bags when I shop. I will carpool. Ill do all of that, and I am sure I will do more.
But Im not going to sit in the damned dark for an hour. That is just silly.

The same goes for that “carbon credit” nonsense, too.

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