Political Radio Moment of the Day

News Item: Boston station suspends Jay Severin for anti-Mexican commentsThe Globe:

Jay Severin, the fiery, right-wing radio talk show host on Bostons WTKK-FM radio station, was suspended today after calling Mexican immigrants “criminaliens,” primitives, leeches, and women with mustaches and VD, among other incendiary comments.

This is not to excuse Severin, who’s a pretty reprehensible character. But it’s always weird, what gets people suspended in radio. Severin was on in Philly for awhile, and he said stuff like that every single day. I don’t think I ever heard his show without hearing the word “crimaliens” at least a few times. His show was pretty much all bash-the-Mexicans, all the time, even before he was trying to blame them for starting swine flu.
This would be like Howard Stern being suspended for talking about lesbians.

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