Sports Radio Moment of the Day

ESPN 950’s Mike Missanelli was working up a populist lather on his show today, in reaction to comments from ESPN radio national host Colin Cowherd.
I don’t have the words right in front of me or a transcript, but Cowherd was ranting against “local radio,” and how callers are idiots who don’t know anything. Specifically, he referred to Andy Reid- who spends 20 hours a week watching film and sleeping in his office- and how stupid radio callers who bash him every Monday morning know nothing compared to him.
Not really sure where to come down on this. On the one hand, Cowherd is a fool, as anyone who’s listened to him for five minutes can attest. Plus, it’s not generally wise for a radio host to bash “local radio,” especially since just about every ESPN station that carries Cowherd also airs local shows. The On the DL guys have been rightly bashing ESPN for making fun of silly local guys in their commercials, while at the same time airing Mike and Mike bikini waxing contests; now we have Cowherd employing similarly faulty reasoning.
But on the other hand… Cowherd is completely right that a great many talk show callers, in Philly and elsewhere, don’t know what they’re talking about, and that people like Andy Reid know much, much more about football than the average talk caller (or for that matter, host) ever will. One of the best things about the Eagles organization is that they don’t listen to the talk radio callers; if they did, they would have done things like draft Ricky Williams in 1999 and throw Donovan McNabb overboard in favor of Terrell Owens in ’05.
I know sowing outrage and exploiting anger is a big, big part of talk radio, whether it’s sports, politics, or shock jock stuff. But this is ridiculous, on both sides.

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