On Manny and Papi

They were on the ’03 steroids list, the Times says. I’m with Shyster:

You’re not surprised, so please don’t pretend you are.
You’ve not been betrayed, so please don’t claim to be.
The Red Sox’ championship in 2004 is no more tainted than any other championship won by any other team in at least the past 20 years, so please don’t even go there.
Now, with that out of the way, you may resume your regularly-scheduled outrage.

1 thought on “On Manny and Papi

  1. Jeff S

    It does surprise me that you’re in agreement with that quote.
    1) I think every baseball fan should feel betrayed. The Redsox players that cheated essentially “spit” on true redsox fans that suffered through so many losing seasons. Cheating is not how you break a curse.
    2) I would say that the tainted WS wins are as follows – 1989 A’s, 1997 Marlins through the yanks, d-backs (maybe skipping the Angels), Marlins then the cheating Sox.


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