Quote of the Day

Jeffrey Goldberg on the “self-hating Jew” charge:

If I’m a self-hating Jew, then anyone who is not a rabid, land-stealing settler is a self-hating Jew. I believe such a category exists — though in my experience, the Jews who hate being Jewish and afflict the rest of us with their hatred generally tend, in an overall way, to love themselves very much. But what you have in this debate over self-hating Jews — remember, there’s a report out that Bibi himself has called Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod self-hating Jews — is the hijacking of Judaism by a group of extremists who have conflated support for the settlement project with love for Israel and the Jewish people.

Amen to that. I don’t believe in calling people self-hating Jews. There are a whole lot of Jewish people who are very, very wrong on the question of Israel these days- whether on the unrealistically-dovish side or the nutty absolutist settler side- but I don’t believe in imputing peoples’ motives in that way when I don’t know what’s in their heart. But I agree with Goldberg- the people who cause most of the trouble in the world are the ones with too much self-esteem.

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