That’s Not the President- That’s a MAN Baby!

Conor Friedersdorf on the Birthers and Trig Truthers:

“As evident is that public officials are under no transparency obligation to address all questions. Were the right fringe to allege that Barack Obama is in fact a woman, and demand a photograph of his penis to definitively prove otherwise, and the left fringe retaliated by alleging that Sarah Palin is a man, and requested the same sort of photographic proof, Andrew would surely join me in concluding that both politicians have some right to privacy. Right?…
The standard these critics prefer would seem to be, If a conspiracy theorys truth would make a politician out to be a liar, he or she must do everything in their power to refute it. Again, I find that transparency standard untenable, and so should you, unless youre prepared to react to an Obamas a woman conspiracy by asking Barack Obama for a naked photo.”

Someone should make and sell T-shirts with a silkscreen of Obama’s certificate of live birth. That would be AWESOME.

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