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Is Charlie Manuel a Secret Muslim?

Shocking details from a locker room pep talk given by the Phillies manager this week:

The mountain didnt come to Muhammad, did it? Manuel said, noting that he did all of the talking in the meeting.
I used to say that in the minor leagues, when Id tell somebody on the team, Go to the mountain, son, that means hit a home run or do something real good, he said.

Come to think of it, has anyone ever seen Charlie’s birth certificate?

Twinkie Split

So the Twins split their doubleheader with the Tigers today and remain 2 games back. I’m just glad my team has been nationally televised all week, with an ESPN game to come Wednesday- that’s the advantage of one’s team being part of the only pennant race this year.
A few thoughts, having watched the MLB Network feed of the local Twins broadcast: Does Blyleven really use the phrase “a great piece of hitting” ten times per game? What’s with all the bunting? The Phillies get criticized for not enough small ball, but Twins do it way too much.
Also, I have to hand it to Detroit Tigers fans- they played a noon game on a Tuesday, postponed from the night before, and the stadium was totally full. Now, I know it’s a city with 25 percent unemployment, but that’s all the more reason- a lot of these people don’t have any money. Read the SI cover story from last week for more on that.

I Know I Like Favre Now, But…

I agree with Advanced NFL Stats that this is the worst NFL commentary ever:

Sunday night, basking in Brett Favre’s miraculous game winning pass, Berman reflected on Favre’s year in New York. He said that the Jets’ current success should be attributed to Favre’s presence there a year ago. He said, “Favre taught them…He taught them about winning.”
He actually said that.

Then why are the Jets so much better now that he’s gone? Why have the Packers been so mediocre the last two years? When Brett was teaching them to win, were they not listening?

Quote of the Day

Eugene Robinson, on America’s most popular pedophile:

During a photo shoot at the Los Angeles home of his friend and “Chinatown” star Jack Nicholson, Polanski plied a 13-year-old girl with champagne and drugs and had sex with her.
That is grotesque. In general, I agree with the European view that Americans tend to be prudish and hypocritical about sex. But a grown man drugging and raping a 13-year-old girl? That’s not remotely a close call. It’s wrong in any moral universe — and deserves harsher punishment than three decades of gilded exile.

Not to mention- Father Polanski would’ve gone to jail.

The Social Network White People Used to Go To

Dayo Olopade has a provocative, but I think wrongheaded piece about the migration from MySpace to Facebook:

MySpace is no longer cool. As a matter of fact, its number of users is now one-half the size of rival Facebook. Is this because MySpace is too black for the rest of America? Teenage Internet users may hold the answer. High-schoolers report their use of the social-networking giants along racial linesMySpace is seen as black, while Facebook is white.

This is the first I’ve ever heard of this phenomenon. I’m against segregation in all its forms, of course, but the reason myself and most other people abandoned MySpace isn’t because it’s “too black,” it’s because it’s horribly designed, awful music plays on every page, and Facebook figured out how to do the same thing only much better.