Monthly Archives: September 2009

Football Notes

– Oh, Brett Favre, I will never doubt you again:

I went to the Eagles-Chiefs game Sunday and was in the car on the way out, following the Vikes on my phone- you could imagine the surprise of the rest of the all-Eagles-fans car when they were told Greg Lewis had scored the winning touchdown. Anyway, the Vikings, like both of my fantasy teams, are 3-0, heading into the Biggest Game of the Year next Monday.
– The Eagles looked good, crushing Kansas City, as Kevin Kolb showed that maybe he doesn’t suck so much after all. But no, there’s no quarterback controversy- I would imagine it’s McNabb the rest of the way, barring injury. Also, a surprisingly amount of Vick jerseys and no picketers that I could see. And while there was an audible buzz in the stadium every time Vick came into the game, he didn’t do a whole lot on the field.
– The Lions got a win! As LZ Granderson pointed out,that was the first time a Lions victory has ever been written about on Twitter.
– Apologies for the delay, as it was Yom Kippur until a few hours ago. More to come later on the Twins, etc.

“Roman Polanski Raped a Child”

I agree with every word of what Kate Harding writes here: I don’t care that Polanski is a brilliant director, or that his wife was murdered, or that he was “railroaded” by the justice system. He still raped a 13-year-old girl, and he still fled law enforcement for 30 years rather than face sentencing for a crime he undoubtedly committed. Hollywood’s near-unanimous defense of him is not one of its finer moments.

One Line TV Thoughts

– “Mad Men”: Duck Phillips, unlikely sex symbol! What, did Matthew Weiner tell him “Bad news is, you’re not a regular anymore, but hey- you get to nail Elizabeth Moss!”
– “Curb Your Enthusiasm”- I don’t know what’s a bigger surprise in this year’s “Curb” season- the reunion of the “Seinfeld” cast, or that they managed to wring an entire episode out of road-head jokes. Still, brilliant resolution of the getting-rid-of-Loretta problem, and Leon gets to stay, too!
– “Entourage” – This remains an awful, awful show, but I must admit the Nikki Finke joke was gold, and everything always improves with more Malcolm McDowell.
– “How I Met Your Mother”- Not the best episode tonight, I admit. But did you hear the big news?
– “Glee”- Oh, how I love this show in so many different ways. My favorite thing is the character of Rachel- the sort of talented, hot-but-self-conscious, theatrically-inclined Jewish girl of whom I’ve come across dozens throughout my various travels. There’s one in every synagogue youth group production of “West Side Story.” Not to mention, I hope Andy Reid didn’t see the “Single Ladies”/trick play thing in last week’s episode- it might give him ideas.
– “Saturday Night Live”- Well, Megan Fox wasn’t quite as bad as I feared, but it was still a horrendous first episode, full of horrible sketch ideas that seemed to go on forever. Even U2 wasn’t all that great- rapping through guitar solos is something Bono should never, ever do again. Of course, the only thing anyone’s talking about is Jenny Slate’s accidental F-bomb. Oh, who cares- it was at midnight! I was more offended that that sketch friggin’ sucked.