Attention “South Park”- now THAT’s how you do a wrestling parody! “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” continued its stellar recent run with an episode that paid tribute to all sorts of obscure wrestling stuff, from the Fabulous Freebirds to Philly’s own ECW to “The Wrestler.”
It’s Roddy Piper’s best acting role since “They Live.” I’m not sure if they made him up to look scuzzy, disgusting and drunk, or if that’s just what he always looks like- probably the latter.
“The League”? Wildly uneven. But still funny, and very realistic. The guys in my league are just as obsessed- but I don’t think any of us have a wife as awful as all those women. This also might be the raunchiest stuff on TV- it makes “Always Sunny” look like “Sesame Street.”

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