Thoughts on Game 2

Well, the Phillies lost Game 2 to the Yankees, although a split in Yankee Stadium isn’t the worst outcome in the world for the Fightins. And remember- in each of the first two series, the Phils won Game 1, lost game 2, and then swept the remainder of the series.
At any rate, in Game 2 the baseball universe reverted to its pre-2008 state- Charlie Manuel made bad managerial moves that cost the Phils games, and A-Rod sucked in the postseason. Yes, Pedro Martinez was left in a postseason game an inning too late by his gray-haired, Southern bumpkin manager.
Two other things that bothered me, besides the horrid umpiring: Derek Jeter invalidating every “he plays the game the right way” pronouncement of his career by bunting out with two strikes. And those commercials with Wanda Sykes. I like Wanda, she’s been funny before- her recent HBO special was excellent- but are those really the best jokes they can think of to showcase?

1 thought on “Thoughts on Game 2

  1. JNez

    i am thinking the same thing about wanda sykes’ promos that fox is shoving down our face during the world series. she is funny though and i hope her show does well.


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