Monthly Archives: October 2009

Out With the Drought!

From the people who brought you “Fans give McNabb three-week deadline to win Super Bowl”:

Phillies Hope To End 364-Day World Series Drought
PHILADELPHIAThe last time the Philadelphia Phillies brought a World Series title back to the City of Brotherly Love, the nation’s financial sector was in complete ruin, the cost of a gallon of milk was only $2.74, fans watched the Fall Classic while huddled around their slightly-less-streamlined high-definition television sets, and Philadelphia slugger Ryan Howard was just 28 years old.

And you thought the Yankees’ nine-year drought was long.

Chris Daggett’s Rasslin’ War Room

I like this idea from New Jersey governor candidate Chris Daggett, hiring actors to imitate his two opponents, Jon Corzine and Chris Christie…

Except, he appears to have stolen the idea from Vince McMahon’s old “Billionaire Ted” skits, with the “Huckster” and “Nacho Man.”

By the way, that sketch was making fun of Hulk Hogan for being old. That was in 1995. This week, Hogan announced another return to wrestling.

Anti-Fox Quote of the Week

Paul Waldman:

From the early morning fun on Fox & Friends (just as right-wing as the rest of the network but so insipid it makes Jackass look like a meeting of the Oxford Union), to the cheerleading for unfettered capitalism on Neil Cavuto, to the nightly tirades from the prime-time lineup of Beck, O’Reilly, and Hannity, to the weekend shows hosted by the likes of Oliver North and Mike Huckabee, Fox is the place to go if you want to learn how Republicans are strong and manly, Democrats are crooks, and Obama has a secret plan to lead America toward a socialist nightmare.