Monthly Archives: November 2009

NFL Notes

Oh, the Vikings. What can you say? I’m just happy as a fan that I get to enjoy this, because I know this run of dominant wins every week isn’t going to last forever. That said, a Super Bowl victory this year would be ideal.
– Prince was at the game! Of course he’s a fan of the Minnesota team in purple.
– As for the Eagles, I went to the game Sunday, and was happy to see that after months of hearing that Donovan McNabb never, ever, under any circumstances comes from behind to win games, he’s now done so in the fourth quarter two weeks in a row- and that’s without Brian Westbook. The Eagles are now 7-4, their best record through 11 games since their Super Bowl run in ’04, and that’s prior to their usual December hot streak. Not hearing so much get-rid-of-Andy-and-Donovan talk these days, huh?
– Two notes from the game- they played a clip from “Rocky Balboa” on the scoreboard that I heard had never before been played at an Eagles game, and at one point there was a snippet of the “Coach” theme song. I’m certainly an Eagles fan of the Minnesota State Screaming variety.

Oh, Tiger

Glad to hear Tiger Woods is okay, and I’m curious to hear exactly what happened outside his house Friday morning. I think the weirdest part is that he was reported in “serious condition”- and we’re supposed to wonder, “is he dead?”- until we heard about a half hour later that he was out of the hospital and totally fine.

Sports Radio Moment of the Day

A caller to Brian Startare Saturday accused Donovan McNabb of not throwing enough to DeSean Jackson because he is “jealous of Jackson’s popularity.” This is an old talking point from the McNabb/TO wars that was never especially substantiated even back then, but makes even less sense now, especially since McNabb threw a long touchdown pass to Jackson just last week.

Writing Thanksgiving

Ken Levine on why Thanksgiving really sucks for TV writers:

Every sitcom Ive ever worked on, weve had the obligatory Thanksgiving episode. How many variations can you have on the big family dinner going awry? I think Ive written the turkey gets burned, relatives clash, nutty friends invited, cant find a restaurant, kids break something, Guess whos Coming to Dinner variation, Meet the Parents variation,football gambler loses big, tofu turkey substitute, someone accidentally gets dragged seven blocks by the Mr. Potato Head balloon, moms a terrible cook, relative accidentally not invited, someone is allergic to something in the stuffing and has a funny seizure, power outage, thawing frozen turkey last minute, food fight, and the pilgrim re-enactment episode fifteen times.

Other than the obvious, I always loved the “Friends” episode that guest-starred Brad Pitt, which didn’t really use any of the above.

On The White House Gatecrashers

Sure, it’s sort of disquieting that a couple of idiots managed to sneak into a state dinner and meet the president, but come on- why is it front-page news four days later? I like John Cole’s take, after nutty Congressman Peter King suggested “They could have grabbed a knife from the dining room table.:

Or they could have had a suitcase nuke made out to look like a great ass in a red dress. Or they could have been carrying vials of cyanide and poured it into the drink of every ranking government official. Or they could have kidnapped the Obama kids and held the President ransom to release everyone at Gitmo.
But they didnt now, did they? They sneaked in, got away with some free eats and a few drinks, and went on their merry way. So grow up. Grabbed a knife from the dinner table- that is too stupid for even an Austin Powers movie. Christ.
And it bears repeating- that is ranking Republican on the Homeland Security Committee leading the pantswetting brigade. The next time you have to take your shoes off at the airport or throw out your 6 ounce container of hand creme, you can thank jackasses like him.

The Return of AI

News Item: Sixers consider bringing back Allen Iverson
I don’t really understand the rationale for bringing him back, other than feel-good reasons. He was a great player back in the day? He isn’t anymore. He’s done a lot for the organization and deserves to be recognized? So did Dr. J- why not re-sign him too? They’re not drawing at all without him? They also weren’t drawing their last two years with him. Sure, the Sixers are about Topic Z in town right now- but re-signing AI will put them back in the news for a week, tops, or until there’s another McNabb “controversy.”
Still, a good week for Stephen A. Smith, with two major scoops- first, that Iverson was retiring, and now that he may be returning to Philly. So what if the two scoops are complete opposites?