The Vikings’ Shame

Ugh, what a disaster last night, as the Vikings lost their third out of four, dropping an overtime game to the Bears.
It looks pretty clear that this team, which looked for three months like a Super Bowl contender, peaked a month too early. They lost the heart-and-soul of their defense (E.J. Henderson), their offensive line can’t play anymore, Adrian Peterson’s fumbles have started to get ridiculous, and the offense and defense are both capable of shutting down completely and without warning.
Sure, Favre looked good, even leading a fourth-quarter comeback to tie the game, but it wasn’t enough to overcome the mistakes, including a missed extra point that ended up being the difference in the game.
So now they need to both win on Sunday and hope for the Eagles to lose to Dallas in order to keep the #2 seed, which has looked inevitable since about Week 3. They’ll beat the Giants, but I wouldn’t count on the Eagles ending their six-game winning streak* against Wade Phillips and Tony Romo. And if Favre has to go on the road in January… forget about it.
At any rate, it’s going to be fun having opposite rooting interests from both my wife and my entire city for the next week. Then I get to do it again two weeks later when they probably play each other in the playoffs…
*Cataldi and the rest of the Anti-Eagles Media Movement are now officially just as wrong about the Eagles this year as Bill Kristol was about the war in Iraq. Didn’t Angelo write columns predicting the Eagles would win seven games, and that there’d be a McNabb/Vick quarterback controversy?

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