Monthly Archives: January 2010

FIlm Critic Quote of the Day

Sean Burns, after pointing out that “Legion”‘s plot is identical to that of “The Terminator”:

Legion is a cheap zombie-siege movie gussied up with inconsistent theology. Its good moments (there are two) involve the demonic/angelic possession of an elderly lady and a 7-year-old boy. The movie only starts to kick when the super-powered old hag is screaming the C-word and biting off chunks of peoples necks, or an innocent-looking kid is attempting a home abortion with a kitchen knife. The rest of the film could have been mailed-in clips from crappy 80s movies in your old VHS collection.

That, I’m sure, makes it sound a lot more fun than it is.

Good News: You Lost in the Playoffs and Your Team Might Leave!

The worst thing written about the Vikings loss? Definitely Dave Zirin, who argues that the Vikings loss is actually good news for fans of the team- because it makes it less likely the team will be able to build a new stadium.
Yes, that’s right- don’t feel bad about that playoff loss, because the team will be out of town in 2 or 3 years, and therefore won’t make it to the Super Bowl ever again. Silver lining!