Divorcing “The Marriage Ref”

You know, when they first announced this a year ago, I said “that sounds to me like the dumbest idea for a TV show ever.” The commercials didn’t make it look any better. But the premiere of “The Marriage Ref” tonight was even worse than I could’ve possibly imagined.
I don’t know what the worst part- the ridiculously loud laugh track, which had uproarious laughter following lame jokes? People like Alec “Bitter Divorce” Baldwin and Marv “Creepy Sex Scandal” Albert doling out marriage advice? Smarmy host Tom Papa? The sad realization that Seinfeld, if he put his mind to it, could probably create another great TV series?
This show made me long for the wit and sophistication of “The Jay Leno Show.” And to think, Jerry was getting back into our good graces, with the Curb/Seinfeld reunion and all…

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