Quote of the Day

Matt Yglesias, on that ridiculous Glenn Reynolds post alleging that Obama “just hates Israel and hates Jews”:

Ill say for my part that I think a great many of Obamas actions throughout the yearsmost notably his many social and professional relationships with Jewish peoplesuggest that he is not motivated by hatred of Jews. Whats more, his ability to persuade the overwhelming majority of American Jews to vote him is likewise an indication that the people most likely to be concerned with detecting Jew-hatred do not find this charge to be plausible. I suppose its true that the old some of my best Chiefs of Staff are Jewish thing can fall flat at certain points. But then theres Larry Summers, David Axelrod, Peter Orszag, etc. The Obama White House looks more like an anti-semites conspiracy theory about Jews running the government than like an actual anti-semitic conspiracy.

Once again- Obama “snubbing” Netanyahu isn’t any more “anti-Israel” than criticizing Obama is “anti-American.”

1 thought on “Quote of the Day

  1. Dan

    I agree that it’s not “anti-israel”, but I think that this political tit-for-tat that the US is playing with Israel is not really productive.


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