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Canceling That Movie is Just INNNNNSANE!

As I write on Dealerscope, it looks like the Danny DeVito-directed biopic of consumer electronics entrepreneur-turned-convict “Crazy” Eddie Antar is off- for complex legal reasons.
As reported by, the producers secured Antar’s life rights- which caused various victims of Antar’s swindles to threaten to place a lien on the film. DeVito and Co. have since cut ties with Eddie, and hope to eventually revive the film.
A shame, too- I could’ve imagined this being a great, great movie, sort of like Soderbergh’s “The Informant” only with New York accents, and even more nuts.

The Howard Extension

News Item: Phillies extend Ryan Howard for 5 years, $125 million
Howard’s an excellent player and by all accounts a wonderful guy. He’s done as much as anyone to bring the Phillies into perennial contention, and I’m glad he’ll still be playing in town at whatever point my son becomes cognizant of baseball. My wife even got Noah a Howard t-shirt yesterday, in part to counteract all the Twins stuff my friends and relatives have been sending.
But Howard, as I’ve said numerous times, is the type of player who tends to decline in his early-to-mid 30s and need to become a DH, something that can’t happen in Philly. Sure, he’s gotten in better shape in recent years and become a better fielder as well. The Phils will be happy with this deal for the first couple of years, I’m sure- but will they at the end? I’m not so sure.
The national and sabermetric types, by the way, have been killing this deal.

The Mike Allen Piece

Everyone’s talking about the long piece in the New York Times magazine about Politico’s Mike Allen, who has become Washington’s most influential journalist without having a life, or sleeping. I agree with Dan Kennedy’s assessment:

Politico produces good work. Allen produces good work it was he who broke the story last summer about Washington Post publisher Katharine Weymouths plan to hold paid salons in her home with lobbyists, Post journalists and government officials. There is a lot of talent and smarts at Politico, and Im not suggesting that we ignore it.
But the overall sensibility of Politico is perhaps best described by Allen himself, who told Rose and Auletta last night (Im paraphrasing) that his readers arent satisfied merely to know the score; they want to keep track of the entire game, inning by inning. You wonder if it has ever occurred to Allen that politics might not be a sporting event.

I read the Politico print edition for the first time when I was in Washington last week- it really is like a political version of the sports page.