Monthly Archives: May 2010

Sports Radio Moment of the Day

An Angelo Cataldi caller today blamed the Phillies’ recent swoon- they’ve been shut out four of their last five games- to the fans’ attention being focused on the Flyers instead of them. Even though the last three losses were on the road, the entire in-studio team agreed with this utterly nonsensical analysis.

Quote of the Day

Paul Waldman, making a good point about how Obama’s opponents see the president they wish he was:

Pick a contentious issue, and there’s an imagined Obama being fashioned. For example, in 2008, gun advocates were told that if the senator from Illinois were elected president, he would immediately send out his jackbooted bureaucratic thugs to begin confiscating weaponry. Upon his inauguration, sales of guns and ammunition soared, as Second Amendment fans stocked up for the inevitable bans. Yet nothing happened… Ascribing the most nefarious of motives to our political opponents is standard fare, of course. But basing your political arguments not on what those opponents have done or have proposed to do but on what they “would” do, frees you from the need to keep a hold on even the slightest tether to reality. Who needs evidence of the other side’s evil, when you can just imagine what lies in their hearts?”

“Anti”-SATC2 Quote of the Day

NYT’s Tony Scott on the film:

Yes, its supposed to be fun. And over the years audiences have had the kind of fun that comes from easy immersion in someone elses career, someone elses sex life, someone elses clothes. But Sex and the City 2 is about someone elses boredom, someone elses vacation and ultimately someone elses desire to exploit that vicarious pleasure for profit. Which isnt much fun at all.