Godspeed, Weigel

This is awful, awful news:

Dave Weigel, The Washington Posts embed in conservative grassroots movements, has resigned this afternoon following an incident earlier this week involving Matt Drudge, the blog Fishbowl D.C., and a private e-mail listserv

This is a damned shame, because Weigel was doing some of the finest work of any political journalist in the country- dedicated, informative, and often very funny.
The libertarian who used to work for Reason magazine and voted for Ron Paul in 2008 covered the conservative and Tea Party movements for the better part of the last two years, often attending Tea Party conferences every week (because really, they have them every week.) Even though Weigel- as shown through his Twitter feed- clearly doesn’t agree much with the loonier precincts of the far right- he was way nicer to and gave way more of a hearing to the Tea Party types than they probably deserve.
It’s really terrible to see this, because I can’t think of a single thing Weigel did wrong- he said mean things about Matt Druge and others on an off-the-record listserv, but nothing he said would’ve even raised an eyebrow if, say, Rush Limbaugh said it. More of the “liberal media” at work; when the Post fires people like Weigel and Dan Froomkin, but hires every mediocre former Bush speechwriter for an op-ed column, can it really be called a “liberal newspaper” anymore?
I’m not worried about Dave, he’ll land on his feet I’m sure, and I’m sure he’ll eventually write a great book about the conservative nuttiness of the last two years.
The Twitter reaction has been entertaining- see #TeamWeigel.

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