Monthly Archives: June 2010

In Defense of Michael Vick

Not that I like defending the guy, but…
If the story went down this way, Vick didn’t really do anything wrong. True, the sports radio consensus is that he “shouldn’t have put himself in a position” for something like this to happen, but why? He had a birthday party for himself at a restaurant- I’ve done that myself like five different times. It’s not an especially dangerous activity.
My favorite part of the story:

[A spokesman for the restaurant, Guadalajara’s] also said NBA player and Hampton native Allen Iverson was scheduled to hold his own birthday bash at Guadalajara’s this coming weekend, but the restaurant has cancelled the party.

No problem, he can just move the festivities somewhere else in town, like say a bowling alley.

Monkey News

I watched the Animal Planet documentary about the history of Michael Jackson’s relationship with his chimp, Bubbles, and it was a masterpiece of unintentional hilarity. I don’t know what my favorite part was- that LaToya was the only member of the Jackson family who agreed to participate, or that the movie’s narration gets considerably more judgmental about Jackson’s later-years neglect of Bubbles than about his child molestation charges, or that the doc’s emotional climax is LaToya’s tearful reunion with the now 250-pound monkey.
The part that really got me- Bubbles is shown, in a cage, now living at a facility in Florida specifically dedicated to monkeys and other primates who have been abandoned by celebrities. Yes, apparently, there are enough such animals to necessitate an entire clinic. I wonder if Reagan’s monkey from “Bedtime For Bonzo” is there too.

Byrd Dead

The longest-serving senator in history died today at the age of 92.
The question I ask about any older politician who dies is, “was he right on civil rights?” Byrd, of course, wasn’t. But at least he denounced his prior racism, and renounced his Klan membership about five decades ago. Unlike, say, Jesse Helms, who remained a hateful quasi-Klasman right up until the day he died.