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Godspeed, Wilson Ramos

Add my name to the Gleeman/Bonnes chorus: the Twins’ Wilson Ramos-for-Matt Capps move was NOT a good idea. Capps is a decent reliever, sure, but saves are overrated, he’s only under control for one more year, and I feel like they could’ve gotten more for Ramos, who last I heard was one of the top catching prospects in baseball.
Hopefully they’ll prove me wrong. But a starter would’ve been better.

If They Took His Advice, There’d Be No More WIP

Rock DJ/Howard Eskin son Spike, on WIP’s blog (who knew there was one?):

Repeat after me; Cliff Lee is gone, and hes never coming back.
Now breathe deeply.
Repeat after me; Donovan McNabb is gone, and hes never coming back.
Count to ten. While were at it
Repeat after me; Brian Dawkins is gone, and hes never coming back.
This will be a very helpful exercise, I promise.

But… but…

A HIMYM Resurgence?

News Item: “How I Met Your Mother” creators admit last year was subpar, vow to do better
And I have some confidence they will, as its been the best sitcom on TV for three of the last four years. But the show was completely rudderless last season- there was no overarching story arc, and quite a few total clunker episodes. And while I’m not one to complain about “hey, why haven’t we seen the mother yet?,” the fact is the creators seem to have run out of good stories to tell, with the exception of the mother one.
Because in a show called “How I Met Your Mother,” when it gets to be season 6 maybe it might be time for the mother to show up.

Quote of the Day

Serwer on the Republican belief that Barack Obama and Eric Holder are, in fact, Huey Newton and Bobby Seale:

The implication that Holder and Obama are sympathetic to, even protective of, the racist, anti-Semitic New Black Panther Party in the absence of any evidence, suggests that, no matter how integrated they are into mainstream society, black people who don’t have the conservative stamp of approval are always secretly plotting how to get revenge against white people. The implication is that you can never trust those people, no matter how they talk, dress, or act, because deep down, they’re all King Samir Shabazz.

The View of Obama

I like this, although the beard’s gotta go:

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And don’t even get me started on “Snooki-gate.” You just know eventually there’ll be a conservative freakout that Obama DOESN’T WRITE HIS OWN SPEECHES!