Monthly Archives: September 2010

Three Thoughts on Last Night’s “Glee”

– That Jewfro’d blogger kid may be the anti-Semetically drawn TV character since Levy the Evil Jewish Lawyer on “The Wire.” This would be the sort of thing the ADL should go after if, you know, they had any credibility left.
– I was sort of hoping Lea Michele would continue dressing like “Baby One More Time”-era Britney Spears indefinitely, but alas it was not to be. I did like the joke that she dresses like “the bait girl on ‘To Catch a Predator.'”
– If the dentist part had been played by Bob Saget instead of Stamos, it would have been ten times funnier. Maybe they can introduce Saget and Dave Coulier as his practice partners, or something.

The O’Keefe Prank

First of all, he’s an idiot; second of all- why is this shot like an MTV “rockumentary,” circa 1994?:

Yea, that’ll teach the “Lamestream Media” a lesson! Clearly, it’s convoluted, failed pranks like this that are what’s going to get the Republicans back into power.

The Scourge of Student Council Must Be Stopped!

Remember those student government types in college who took themselves so seriously that they thought they were actual elected officials? Well, this story is the exact opposite:

For months, Andrew Shirvell, an assistant attorney general for Michigan, has been writing the blog “Chris Armstrong Watch,” devoted to attacking the University of Michigan’s gay student assembly president with homophobic and other horrible slurs. What is wrong with him?
Shirvell, who faced an outraged Anderson Cooper on CNN last night, is a deeply conservative Christian who claims that he has the right to say whatever he wants outside of work. Which may be true, but his campaign against a gay college student might have veered into the category of harassment, and at the very least, is as sad and pathetic as pretty much anything an adult can do under the name of “political activism.”

Yes, it’s a high-ranking government official- in the actual government- who felt his valuable time was best spent attacking a 20-year-old college student. That remind anyone else of the plot of “Karate Kid III,” where it’s a wealthy businessman dedicating himself to destroying a teenage karate champion?

I Support Same-Sex Marriage…

But you know what I don’t support? Heterosexual sitcom characters getting into sham same-sex marriages. It wasn’t funny when “The Drew Carey Show” did it, when “Old Christine” did it, when the awful Adam Sandler movie did it or now that its Charlie and Frank on “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” And it’s especially weak since Charlie and Frank were pretty much married anyway, living together and even sleeping in the same bed. It’s just a stupid cliche that’s never worked and probably never will.
‘Sunny’ had its all-time best season last year, but through two episodes this year? I don’t know. The show after it, “The League,” has been much better, largely thinks to Rafi, aka “El Cuado,” who has instantly become the show’s best character.

I Know I’ve Been Saying This For Five Years, But…

McNabb to the Vikings in 2011 is looking pretty inevitable, huh? He’s a free agent, hasn’t signed an extension with Washington and they’re terrible. Favre won’t be back, there’s no Vikings QB of the future anywhere in sight, and unless they go 3-13 or something old McNabb friend Brad Childress won’t be fired. So I wouldn’t be surprised at all- if, you know, there is a 2011 season.