Monthly Archives: November 2010

Against Puns

Jon Stewart, not a fan:

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It’s only funny when David Caruso does it.

Sports Radio Moment of the Day

During Monday’s Andy Reid coach’s show on WIP, Howard Eskin said that “there’s absolutely no doubt in my mind that the Eagles are a better team than the Bears. No question at all.” Other than the Bears having a better record than the Eagles, and having beaten them two days ago, no doubt at all.
Runner-up is the 97.5 caller who said that the reason the Eagles didn’t go for the touchdown at the end is that “they always save their good plays” for the playoffs and don’t want to give them away before that.

Movie Critic Quote of the Day

David Poland on “Burlesque”:

Christina Aguilera doesnt so much act as glow assisted mightily by the permanent gauze from Chers camera that the somehow infected every frame of the film. I am conscious of Ms Aquilera, but had no idea how many ways there were to photograph her hair and boobs until this film. Seriously. I expect there to be a website dedicated to the passion Steve Antin shows for his starlets bust and the many ways he features it in frame, from loosely hanging to practically strapped down. Is she an A-Cup or a C-Cup? I dont know. But the framing constantly demands high torso attention. And her face is equally unpredictable in the angles from which it is shot. At one point, I thought she was a new character I couldnt remember.

God Hates Fags at Brandeis

News Item: Westboro Baptist Church to visit Brandeis
There’s a right way to deal with Fred Phelps and his gang of lunatics- and that’s to ignore them. And I’ve got a feeling that’s not going to happen. People are going to confront them. They’re going to protest them loudly. They’re going to try to talk them out of being hatemongers. And they’re going to have candlelight vigils. Probably before, during and after Phelps is on campus.
I do like this idea, though- a group is going to donate to a gay Jewish charity for every minute Phelps appears.

Music Critic Quote of the Week

Deadspin declares war on Taylor Swift:

I don’t understand all the fuss. Taylor Swift makes training bra music. Her shit is one step removed from a Fisher Price Little People CD. Every record she sells should come with a complimentary pack of Spree. If you’re over fourteen, you shouldn’t want anything to do with it. But no, every fucking adult music critic on Earth fawns over this girl and protects her like she’s some kind of goddamn forest pixie. SHE’S SO MATURE FOR AGE! SHE HANDLED THAT KANYE SITUATION SO WELL! SHE’S SO ARTICULATE! No, seriously. Someone wrote that.
Swift’s thoughtful honesty and surprisingly articulate take on life should be commended.
What is this, a fucking report card? HOORAY! SHE’S ALMOST 21 AND HAS THE ABILITY TO SPEAK! And since when is this chick honest? Have you heard some of these lyrics?