Call Him Mr. Tuesday

Perhaps it wasn’t worth it for the Vikings to beat the Eagles Tuesday night. They sacrificed themselves some draft position, and now my wife is mad at me.
The Purple, who played their best game of the year, bested the Green, who played their worst, for the first time in the six years that my wife and I have known each other, including Eagles playoff victories in 2004 and 2008. Mostly, the contest felt like a preseason game. Probably because IT WAS PLAYED ON A TUESDAY.
The real story was Vikings rookie quarterback Joe Webb, who completely flummoxed the Eagles defense. I was impressed, but lets not go crazy and anoint Webb the QB of the future. Sure, I could see him keeping the seat warm for whichever first rounder the Vikings draft next year, but more likely he’ll never be a full-time Vikings starter again and this will be forever referred to as “The Joe Webb Tuesday Night Game.”
However, the win may very well mean Leslie Frazier gets the “interim” tag taken off, and I’m all for that.
As for the Eagles, I’d attribute the loss to Vick’s injury at the start of the game, numerous defensive injuries catching up to them and the team’s penchant for throwing up an inexplicable stinker once a year (last year it was the Oakland loss.) They were likely the #3 seed regardless, so now they can rest starters in Week 17.
But regardless of anyone’s rooting interest, I think we can all agree the worst moment of the night was NBC’s inexplicable, Springsteen-scored Brett Favre montage, which made it look like Favre had died. It totally makes sense to devote so much attention to the guy who’s not even part of that game. And there was also a guy at the game, in Philadelphia between the Eagles and Vikings in which Favre did not play, wearing a Favre Packers jersey. WHY?

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