Film Critic Quote of the Week

Glenn Kenny on “Sucker Punch”:

The co-stars include Jena Malone , Abbie Cornish , Vanessa Hudgens , and Jamie Chung , all appealing and energetic screen presences, to say the least — “in skimpy clothing, kicking ass. What’s not to like?” Seeing the movie, you WILL find out what’s not to like. Among other things, there’s the aforementioned pandering, which is incredibly blatant in the sexist double-standard department. The picture practically nudges the viewers’ ribs, saying, “Guys who enjoy looking at scantily clad women are all drooling despicable pigs — except, of course, for you out there, sport!.. This is punctuated with philosophizing about how one’s individual freedom is always in one’s hands, and advice such as, “Remember, make sure your mouth doesn’t write any checks that your ass can’t cash.” (Yes, exactly. Last time I tried to cash a check with my ass, I got thrown out of the bank.)


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