I used to spend a lot of time wishing I was a sportswriter. I don’t so much anymore- observing that sportswriters are some of the most miserable bastards alive did the trick- but part of me wishes I was covering the Final Four this year, and I could interview John Calipari, who has been to the Final Four twice in recent years but had both appearances expunged due to NCAA violations.
I really wish some reporter at the Final Four would go up to Calipari and ask him questions, repeatedly, about how he’s enjoying his first Final Four, how it feels to get there for the first time, why he thinks he didn’t make it with any of his previous schools, etc. Then he could write a snarky, totally deadpan column built around the notion of “John Calipari, wide-eyed first-time Final Four coach.”
Then, after Kentucky’s appearance this year gets vacated, they could do it all again when Coach Cal takes his next school to the Final Four…

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