Against “Conscious Man”

Flash Warner, on her blog, tees off against a video recently released by a mens’ group encouraging males to apologize for all of man’s inhumanity to women in the past:

I’m all for slamming down rape, sexism, subjugation of women and everything else. But I’m not so keen on the whole collective apology thing. I don’t feel I’m “complicit” when the government of my country does something I don’t agree with, nor do I maintain any personal responsibility for the horrible acts of other men.
Then there’s the video’s horrible presentation. Here’s Flash:

Its as if theyve never met a woman at all, but is that a real surprise? This video is loaded with skeevie child molester types and dudes who look like they have roofies in their pockets. It also sports a Deliverance extra, a white guy with dreadlocks who isnt Adam Duritz, and a chap who celebrates womens ability to pay attention to what is here, right now while standing in front of a drawing of a large kitten. I dont get vibes of sensitivity and awareness from this crew. I feel like I should call Benson and Stabler from Law & Order: SVU and get them on the case before Im the next one tied up in the sex dungeon. These tools arent sensitive or in touch with their feminine sides. Theyre needy, self-indulgent creepers who cant get laid.

It bothers me that the main guy looks like a 70-year-old Sting.

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