The Titcomb Scandal

If you feel like the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal would’ve been more entertaining if one of the key players had had the last name “Titcomb,” you’re in luck:

A friend of President Barack Obama has been arrested on suspicion of soliciting a prostitute in Honolulu, police said on Thursday. Local media reported that Robert Titcomb, 49, went to school with Obama in Hawaii and plays golf with the president when Obama visits the state where he grew up. Police sources confirmed on Thursday that Titcomb was stopped by officers on Monday.

First of all, I think this illustrates that there really haven’t been any “Obama scandals,” unless your definition of “scandal” or “corruption” is “politician who pursues policies with which I disagree.” If the worst that’s happened is a solicitation bust by a presidential friend who’s not a political advisor and has nothing to do with the government, then I feel good about things.
Of course, I had a singular first thought: What will Dick Morris say? Normally he’d write a column declaring this the beginning of the end of the Obama presidency, because that’s what he always does, but this time, well, uh…


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