Movie Critic Quote of the Day

Pajiba attacks the “Atlas Shrugged” movie:

For a movie that has been almost forty fucking years in the making, that at one point allegedly had a cast of luminaries attached that would make any studio salivate, thats based on a novel that seen a renaissance thanks to the backassward ramblings of the Teabaggers and the Fox News ilk, its remarkable how bad it actually is. Its like the dramatization of an SAT math problem, or a first year economics final essay. Only that might actually imply there was drama. No, this film could have been performed by artists mannequins, with projections of actor headshots on them and still given the same wooden and emotionless performances… this is a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad fucking movie. Even taking the fucking ridiculous Objectivism out of the plot, its just a bad story. Its structured like a 1970s training video for joining AVON.


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