The End of a Delusion

News Item: Obama releases long-form birth certificate.
Thus ends one of the more shameful chapters in American political history. The birther hoax was debunked about four years ago, the nutters continued flogging it anyway, and the allegedly liberal media decided to continue covering the “controversy,” as though truth and untruth are just a difference of opinion.
Yes, it was racist- “where’s the birth certificate?” was pretty much always just a substitute for yelling “n-word! n-word! n-word!,” and of course such questions were never asked about any other presidential candidate ever. It was also libelous- the president of the United States was called a liar about being an American.
But to me the worst part of all was that it showed once again that in politics, the truth doesn’t matter. There are absolutely no consequences anymore for telling bald-faced lies in politics.
Then I hear that today is a “win” for Donald Trump. Which is true, as long as you define “win” as “the thing you’ve been saying every day for months being proven definitively false.” Trump is full of shit about this, because he’s full of shit about everything.
David Frum has the best take I’ve seen.

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