Quote of the Day

Drew Magary, talking directly to people like me:

Listen, you Wire people: Please shut the fuck up. Liking The Wire doesn’t mean you wrote the fucking thing. I’m on the fourth season of The Wire, and those The Wire people are right in that the show is truly awesome. But there’s no credibility to be had in just telling people you WATCHED the fucking thing. A hidden gem? IT WAS ON FUCKING HBO. It’s been critically acclaimed and hailed by many as perhaps the finest TV show ever created. And you can find it anywhere: On Demand, on DVD, on Channel 101 on DirecTV. You don’t have to enter some secret society to watch that show. Any asshole can watch it. And you don’t have to be intelligent to “get” it (Whitlock alone is proof of that). It has shootings and sex scenes and people swearing all the fucking time. Even stupid people can appreciate that. So don’t go treating The Wire like it’s some kind of secret fucking handshake between intellectuals. Saying you watched it isn’t gonna impress anyone. At all. YA HAPPY NOW, BITCH?

Ya feel me?


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