We Got Him

Wow, I thought this was a pretty newsworthy weekend even before Sunday night…
Osama Bin Laden is dead, after he was killed by American forces in Pakistan early on Sunday.
First, I must say that this is a great, great day. I was across the river from New York on that day, and I could see the smoke out my apartment window. I lived in New York for four years after that day, and can only imagine what today means for that city, especially for the many who lost their loved ones.
This will end the war on terrorism the way the election of Obama ended racism- meaning, not at all. But it is a huge and significant victory.
And no, I don’t want to see this entire thing through the lens of politics. But of all the things Obama hasn’t handled especially well of late, it does seem like he did everything right here.
Of course, tonight is one of those nights that no one watching will ever forget. It was also the greatest night in the history of Twitter, beating out every Super Bowl, every Oscar or election night, and everything else.
One of the better things about tonight- a “U.S.A.” chant that broke out during the Mets/Phillies game:

The game, strangely, went 13 innings, continuing until hours after the news broke. If only the Phils had won and triggered the in-stadium Liberty Bell, but alas no…
And finally, this guy’s gotta be pretty happy tonight:


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