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Quote of the Day II

Walter Russell Mead, who continues to be one of the more must-read commentators on foreign policy, especially the Mideast:

Virtually all Arabs, most Europeans and a surprising number of Americans who ought to know better carry a delusional and ultimately anti-Semitic stereotype around in their heads: that American Jews as a bloc are hard line pro-Likud Zionists; that those Jews ruthlessly and relentlessly use their vast and hidden media power to shape US opinion on the Middle East; and that the irresistible financial might of the united Jewish Israel lobby buys Congressional acceptance of their evil designs.
I suppose there is a way that someone could believe all these things and not be a card carrying anti-Semite, but I am not ingenious enough to find it.This is a racist and evil set of beliefs; those who hold them should be ashamed of themselves, and these deserve to be mocked and scorned at every possible opportunity.

Quote of the Day III

David Frum on the current Republican condition:

What Republicans have been producing since January 2009 is a television program, not a political opposition. No rational opposition would have nailed its colors to the mast on the predictably unpopular Ryan budget without the votes to pass it. No rational opposition would have staked everything on defeating Obamacare without the votes to stop it. And no rational opposition would have showcased Michelle Bachmann, Donald Trump, and Newt Gingrich as party leaders. As reckless as these actions were in political terms, they make sense in programming terms. And when the de facto head of your party earns his living as a TV executive and his most important deputy is a talk-radio host this is what you get: three years of policy nihilism, three years of repeated self-outmaneuvering on the floor of Congress, and now a presidential campaign that seems intent on identifying the GOP with candidates who repel the voters the GOP most needs to win.

“Chicago Code,” RIP

Shawn Ryan’s cop show aired its final episode last night, and I’m going to miss it. Even though it was from Shawn Ryan, the creator of “The Shield,” the show as pretty clearly trying to do “The Wire” on a network, in a different city with quite a bit less ambition. Still, great use of Chicago locations, excellent acting, and above-average writing too.

Macho Man, RIP

News Item: “Macho Man” Randy Savage dies in car accident
Savage was clearly a giant of one of wrestling’s greatest eras, Main Eventing several different Wrestlemanias and participating in some of the WWF’s most memorable storylines, including the Megapowers teaming and breakup with Hulk Hogan, and his epic feuds with Rick Steamboat, Ric Flair and the Ultimate Warrior. Still hard to believe Macho Man, Miss Elizabeth and Sensational Sherri are all dead.
Macho Man retired from wrestling after his WCW stint in the late ’90s, and became generally reclusive, never returning to WWE for nostalgia appearances or a Hall of Fame induction.
I could do a pretty decent Macho Man impression back in the day, then again, I suppose every kid in the ’80s could, too. But look on the bright side- if you’re graduating this week, you get to hear his music!
A classic interview with Mean Gene:

Savage’s classic match against Ricky Steamboat at Wrestlemania III, with commentary by Gorilla Monsoon and Governor Ventura:

And Savage’s classic Main Event win against Ted DiBiase a year later:

Goldberg on the Speech

Jeffrey Goldberg has been indispensable in his analysis of the Obama speech:

President Obama’s speech was enthusiastically pro-Israel. I don’t mean pro-Israel merely in the “he’s speaking hard truths the Israelis must hear about the occupation if their country is to survive as a Jewish democracy” sort of way. I mean, it was pro-Israel in a red-meat I-heart-Israel, damn-Hamas, Iran-can-go-to-hell, Israel is the eternal Jewish state sort of way.