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‘Transformers’ Sucks: Leitch!

“Transformers 3,” which I didn’t see, hasn’t gotten nearly the bad reviews as the second film, but there were still some pretty good ones. Will Leitch:

Bay’s “humor” has often been compared to that of a 14-year-old boy, but I think that’s being unfair to 14-year-old boys; it’s closer to that of someone with a serious mental defect who also is just starting to learn the language… This is soul-crushing, brain-rotting drivel to an infinite degree, expertly produced and displayed the way only the truly cynical can pull off. Future generations will look back at this film and see, again, why the American empire was doomed to fall. This movie is actively making the world a worse place to live. I am certain Michael Bay considers it his masterwork. He’s right. God help us all.

Mid-Year Movie Look

Today’s June 30, so here we go:
Best Movies of the Half Year: Certified Copy, The Tree of Life, Source Code, Bridesmaids, Cedar Rapids, Midnight in Paris, Win Win
Worst Movies of the Half Year: Just Go With It, Sucker Punch, Arthur, Red Riding Hood, The Green Hornet
2010 Supplemental Top Ten List (2010 movies I didn’t see until 2011): Blue Valentine, Let Me In, I Love You Philip Morris, Client 9: Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer, Catfish, Four Lions, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, Waking Sleeping Beauty, Fair Game, Due Date (Original top ten list here.)

The Stadium Games Are Over

News Item: Jay Weiner leaving MinnPost to become speechwriter for University of Minnesota president
Weiner, first for the Star Tribune and later for MinnPost, has an ultra-specific beat- attempts by Minnesota sports teams to build new stadiums- and is as good at it as any beat writer on any beat that I can think of. He’ll be missed, although I imagine if the Vikings stadium gets approved the beat will pretty much cease to exist.

Boston is Philly, Philly is Boston

The Phillies and Red Sox are playing an interleague series this week here in Philly, and just about all the discussion I’ve heard in Philly has centered on two topics: “This is a World Series preview,” and “Boston sucks!”
It’s funny hearing people who are Phillies fans bash Red Sox fans, because as someone who’s lived both places, I can’t think of two fanbases in any sport in America that are more alike.
Both are Northeastern, non-New York cities, with lots of Irish, Italian and other ethnic white people. Both are teams that were terrible/didn’t win for a long time before a recent protracted run of success that has included championships. Both fanbases fill their ballparks and are obsessed with their teams, while also having a tendency to panic over any brief cold streak, or when their club slips from having the best record in baseball to the second or third best.
Both the Sox and Phillies’ fanbases have small but vocal segments of violent, hostile douchebags, while both also have large amounts of bandwagon jumpers who weren’t all that into the team before the championships started. Both fanbases love Curt Schilling and hate J.D. Drew. And of course, both hate the Yankees.
So Red Sox and Phils fans- enjoy the series, and any subsequent World Series featuring the two teams. But remember- the people you’re swearing at in the section over have way more in common with you than you’d probably care to admit.

Film Critic Quote of the Week

Pajiba’s Brian Prisco on “Somewhere”:

Sofia Coppola needs to grow the fuck up. Shes on her fourth feature film and shes still working out daddy issues with all the aplomb of a molested film student. Gee, its a real goddamn shame your father handed you a career and opportunities on a silver platter to the detriment of his own fucking career. Shes made 1 1/2 decent films, and the rest are nestled like Lady Gaga in a smug bundle of self-entitlement and dresses made of feathers and T-bones.

I didn’t hate “Somewhere” THAT much, but yea, Sofia might want to try making a movie about something else.