Notes On The GOP Debate

I’ll say this first of all: please don’t judge the state of Minnesota by that debate alone. We have much, much better people than Pawlenty and Bachmann, I swear!
– The best news of all- Bachmann is running for president- and not running for Congress!
– I don’t know if my favorite Herman Cain moment was when he praised Chile’s Pinochet-era economic policies, or when he said he wouldn’t nominate a Muslim for his cabinet, if it was the sort of Muslim who wants to kill him. Because most presidential candidates are totally cool with appointing potential assassins. Which may be true on “24,” but I digress.
– Then there was Newt, first slamming loyalty oaths as pointless- because people lie- but then endorsing them anyway.
– I loved when Mitt Romney gave the Bruins score. Like he could name more than three Boston Bruins.
If I had to guess the ticket today? Romney/Bachmann. And it will suddenly become mandatory for the GOP vice presidential nominee to be a batshit insane female.


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