Boston is Philly, Philly is Boston

The Phillies and Red Sox are playing an interleague series this week here in Philly, and just about all the discussion I’ve heard in Philly has centered on two topics: “This is a World Series preview,” and “Boston sucks!”
It’s funny hearing people who are Phillies fans bash Red Sox fans, because as someone who’s lived both places, I can’t think of two fanbases in any sport in America that are more alike.
Both are Northeastern, non-New York cities, with lots of Irish, Italian and other ethnic white people. Both are teams that were terrible/didn’t win for a long time before a recent protracted run of success that has included championships. Both fanbases fill their ballparks and are obsessed with their teams, while also having a tendency to panic over any brief cold streak, or when their club slips from having the best record in baseball to the second or third best.
Both the Sox and Phillies’ fanbases have small but vocal segments of violent, hostile douchebags, while both also have large amounts of bandwagon jumpers who weren’t all that into the team before the championships started. Both fanbases love Curt Schilling and hate J.D. Drew. And of course, both hate the Yankees.
So Red Sox and Phils fans- enjoy the series, and any subsequent World Series featuring the two teams. But remember- the people you’re swearing at in the section over have way more in common with you than you’d probably care to admit.

1 thought on “Boston is Philly, Philly is Boston

  1. LilB

    I’m a violent hostile douchebag but I’m a fan of both the Phils and Sox. Interleague play is unnatural, like bestiality.


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