Monthly Archives: July 2011

NFL Notes

I’m thrilled that McNabb is a Viking. He’s long been one of my favorite players and I’ve long been one of his biggest defenders. True, he’s past his prime, but the beauty is, even if he sucks they have a quarterback of the future (Christian Ponder) in place. They’re not going into it without a net like they did with Favre the last two years. Best case, Donovan is rejuvenated and leads a contending team. Worst case, they just move on to Ponder.
Also, I’m very excited for the first time KFAN goes nuts about a McNabb performance. It’ll be like worlds colliding.
Meanwhile, Vince Young is an Eagle. I’m excited for all the thinly veiled racist shots people are going to take at the Vick-Young tandem.
After years of the McNabb/Kolb quarterback controversy, both are traded on the same day, with neither ending up with the Eagles. The McNabb or Kolb blog really needs a new name.
And I don’t know what’s worse- that an NFL team so wanted Tarvaris Jackson to be its quarterback that it signed him on the first day of free agency, or that Sidney Rice really knowingly followed T-Jack to a new team.

Film Critic Quote of the Day

Sean Burns on “Sarah’s Key”:

The staggering, inadvertently campy ending reveals Sarahs Key as a Shoah-infused Eat Pray Love, with the massacre of millions a brief detour on a bitchy magazine writers journey toward inane self-actualization.

The only thing that possibly could’ve made “Eat Pray Love” worse would be if they had somehow found a way to work the Holocaust into it.

The Second-Worst Jack McCaffery Column of the Month

No, not as bad as when he claimed the NFL lockout was a conspiracy by the players and owners to gin up TV ratings, but in this column Jack chides the Phillies, once again, for failing to acquire both Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee in 2009, and now demands that they go out and get both Hunter Pence and Carlos Beltran (too late on the latter.)
What about prospects, you say? Jack doesn’t care about no stinkin’ prospects. To him, they are “unproven baseball nonsense” and “junky trinkets.”
When’s the trade deadline over again?


It’s not every day a personnel move you’ve been advocating for five years comes true. But it’s looking like reality- PFT and Fox Sports are reporting that the Vikings have reached a deal to acquire Donovan McNabb from the Redskins for two 6th round draft picks, which is contingent on Donovan agreeing to a new contract.
McNabb may be further past his prime than he was when his arrival in Minnesota was first rumored. But I still love the move. Sure, he had a bad year last year- but that was in the super-dysfunctional Redskins organization. He’s a good fit for the city, and an even better one for the offense, and the team doesn’t have to count on him for the long-term- unlike the Favre years, there’s a quarterback of the future in place. And don’t forget- McNabb is about seven years younger than Favre.
The Vikes also said goodbye to Tarvaris Jackson today, as he signed with the Seahawks. The only thing more inexplicable than a team wanting to have T-Jack is that they signed him on the first day of free agency.

Baseball’s Silly Season

Ah, trade deadline week. One of the more fun parts of the calendar when you’re a fan. But it’s also one of the times of greatest idiocy when it comes to fans- during which every fan should thank their lucky stars that their team isn’t run by talk radio callers.
The trade deadline really brings out the worst of fans, especially in the areas of ignorance and short-sightedness. Yes, of course we should trade every prospect for any veteran I’ve heard of. Of course my team should offer the three worst players on the roster as a package for some other team’s superstar. And how dare our general manager not do everything I just suggested!
I love the deadline, but I’ll be glad when it’s over.

Favre to Philly?

It’s shocking to me that the idea of Brett Favre signing with the Eagles as a backup to Michael Vick is not only being treated as an actual possibility, but actually has people openly advocating for it.
I mean, come on. Favre is 42 years old. He’s already retired four different times. He has about ten different injuries, and when he played last year he looked like he was not only past his prime, but pretty much near death. Vick is enough of an injury risk that it’s important to have a dependable backup. So why even think about bringing in someone who’s a pretty good bet to get hurt himself?
Signing Favre makes about as much sense as trading Domonic Brown and Vance Worley for half a season of Carlos Beltran.