It’s not every day a personnel move you’ve been advocating for five years comes true. But it’s looking like reality- PFT and Fox Sports are reporting that the Vikings have reached a deal to acquire Donovan McNabb from the Redskins for two 6th round draft picks, which is contingent on Donovan agreeing to a new contract.
McNabb may be further past his prime than he was when his arrival in Minnesota was first rumored. But I still love the move. Sure, he had a bad year last year- but that was in the super-dysfunctional Redskins organization. He’s a good fit for the city, and an even better one for the offense, and the team doesn’t have to count on him for the long-term- unlike the Favre years, there’s a quarterback of the future in place. And don’t forget- McNabb is about seven years younger than Favre.
The Vikes also said goodbye to Tarvaris Jackson today, as he signed with the Seahawks. The only thing more inexplicable than a team wanting to have T-Jack is that they signed him on the first day of free agency.

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