NFL Notes

I’m thrilled that McNabb is a Viking. He’s long been one of my favorite players and I’ve long been one of his biggest defenders. True, he’s past his prime, but the beauty is, even if he sucks they have a quarterback of the future (Christian Ponder) in place. They’re not going into it without a net like they did with Favre the last two years. Best case, Donovan is rejuvenated and leads a contending team. Worst case, they just move on to Ponder.
Also, I’m very excited for the first time KFAN goes nuts about a McNabb performance. It’ll be like worlds colliding.
Meanwhile, Vince Young is an Eagle. I’m excited for all the thinly veiled racist shots people are going to take at the Vick-Young tandem.
After years of the McNabb/Kolb quarterback controversy, both are traded on the same day, with neither ending up with the Eagles. The McNabb or Kolb blog really needs a new name.
And I don’t know what’s worse- that an NFL team so wanted Tarvaris Jackson to be its quarterback that it signed him on the first day of free agency, or that Sidney Rice really knowingly followed T-Jack to a new team.

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