Monthly Archives: August 2011

The Sadness of the Nature Boy

Grantland has an astonishing look at everything that’s gone wrong personally and financially for Ric Flair in the last few years. I had sort of assumed that most of the all-time great wrestlers were somehow shielded from the sort of stuff that has most of the lesser guys dying of an OD in a hotel room at age 45, but apparently even arguably the greatest wrestler in history can be four times divorced and owe millions.

Music Critic Quote of the Day

Steven Hyden, in the AV Club, on Ke$ha:

Ke$ha has described her personal aesthetic as garbage chic, which is another way of saying that she walks, talks, and looks like a proudly vacuous, profoundly awful, and guilelessly trashy person on a never-ending whiskey-n-coke binge. Everything about Ke$ha is affected, from the sociopathic sneer of her highly Vocoder-ized vocals to the aggressive soullessness of the lyrics, which take hedonism well past the point of fun and into a dark, dank hell of Facebook catchphrases and bimbo-airhead posturing doubling as female empowerment… Does Ke$ha do anything to make society better? Of course not. Is Animal alluring and dastardly propaganda that encourages young, impressionable people to be massive pieces of shit? You betcha. Have either of these facts impeded my enjoyment of Ke$has amoral, brain-dead, and relentlessly hooky singles? Sadly, no.

And he’s the one in the discussion defending Ke$ha.