The Most Wrong Stephen A. Smith Has Ever Been

Guess-hosting “Mike and Mike” earlier this week, Screamin’ A had an interesting critique of Donovan McNabb: He is unforgivably unwilling to stand up and assert himself. Smith’s example? When he was jerked around and ultimately benched by Mike Shanahan in Washington last year, McNabb did not ever rip Shanahan publicly.
This, Smith says, is greatly disappointing to him, an opinion also shared by both numerous NFL players and “The Black Community.”
It’s hard to determine which part of Smith’s argument makes the least sense. The critique of McNabb, in his years with the Eagles, was the exact opposite- that he ripped his enemies too much, held grudges, and was “bitter” and “whiny.” Had McNabb showed up at training camp and kicked off his press conference by ripping Shanahan for 10 straight minutes, Smith would likely attack him for that.
Smith, for many of those years, wrote about Philadelphia sports while living and hosting TV and radio shows in New York, I remember his columns about McNabb being all over the map- supportive at some times, dismissive at others. Sometimes both in the same column.
This, of course, is yet another Obama/McNabb Parallel example. Obama is both totally unwilling to go after his opponents, and horribly unfair when he does.
I’m sure this was an attempt by Stephen A. to cause controversy. Unfortunately for him, no one’s talking about it.


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