Music Critic Quote of the Week

The Awl’s Danny Gold, on the burgeoning new genre of “frat rap”:

Theres something about a former Google employee thinking its okay to rap that makes the veins in my forehead throb. He makes me more ashamed for Long Island Jews than Bernie Madoff. His first verse opens with him saying, You aint never met a kid like this before, and all I can think is, yes, yes, I have. ALL I HAVE TO DO IS OPEN MY EYES IN MURRAY HILL. Ive met a million kids like you before. Theyre about to graduate from law school. You look like the nerdy Jewish kid my Nerdy Jewish friends used to beat up in synagogue… If the majority of your lyrics (and this seems true of most rappers in this genre) revolve around you saying, Most people say I shouldnt rap but Im doing it anyway, then, I dont know, MAYBE YOU SHOULDNT BE RAPPING. Apply to dental school.


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