Flying With Gerard

Disturbing story this morning:

French film icon Grard Depardieu just couldn’t hold it in any longer after his Air France flight from Paris to Dublin was delayed on Wednesday. So when he asked the flight crew if he could use la toilette and was told he’d have to hold it, he did what any self-important celebrity would do:
He peed on the carpet. Really.

Yikes. Though in fairness to Mr. Depardieu, this isn’t even the worst airplane scatological disaster involving someone named Gerard. Remember Gerard Finneran? When they showed the drunk guy on the airplane at the beginning of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” on Sunday, I just assumed it was going to be a Finneran homage.
Anyway, if you don’t ever want to get pissed or shit on, two pieces of advice:
1. Don’t have kids, and
2. If you’re on a plane, and the guy next to you introduces himself as “Gerard,” just go ahead and get off the plane.


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