Fagbugs, No Slugs Back

During my road trip across the rural midwest earlier this week, I was driving somewhere on the Ohio Turnpike, in the Western part of the state when I saw something that looked like a mirage: A Volkswagen Beetle, decked out in rainbow colors, with an unusual word written on the side: “Fagbug.” The car had a New York license plate and was driven by an attractive young woman (were you expecting Marcus Bachmann?)
I was wondering as I saw this- what in the world is the story here? The car listed Fagbug.com as a URL, but- as on most of the trip- my phone was dead and I had no way of looking it up.
Turns out it’s a great story: a woman in Albany, N.Y., was a victim of a hate crime when her Volkswagen Beetle was spray painted with the words “fag” and “u r gay.” She responded by driving it around the country with the graffiti still on, and eventually painting it the rainbow colors. Now, the campaign has national sponsors- including Volkswagen- and there’s even a documentary, available to watch for free on Hulu.

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