The Worst Series Finale of All Time

“Entourage,” you win! Some finales are too overly happy, others are too complex and put balls in the air that they can’t possibly catch. The last “Entourage” did both. Good thing we have at least one movie to look forward to!
I liked Firewell and Iceberg’s idea for the finale better: They all drive off a cliff, but the car has a parachute and fire extinguisher system, and then at the bottom of the cliff is a million dollars, on a yacht with porn stars, and Steven Spielberg, who immediately offers Vince the lead role in his adaptation of the Bible.
Another good idea by @4Who4What on Twitter:

There should be a spinoff where Turtle is the president. He can say “I wanna be elected without Vince’s help” but Vince does everything.


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