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Rick Perry and The Horah

When people say Jews are going to abandon President Obama en masse, I always say there’s no way they’re going to vote for Rick Perry. Well, these four guys are:

I mean, it’s not as applause worthy as 200 executions, but…

Ernie and Kurt?

“Sesame Street” does “Glee,” in a bit much more witty, creative and entertaining than that show’s premiere:

Speaking of “Glee,” I renew my objection to the “Jacob Ben Israel” character. Not only is he one of the more anti-Semitic caricatures in TV history, but his existence goes against the show’s very ethos. It’s good to be weird, there’s nothing wrong with being different or an outcast- but if you’re that guy, you’re just creepy and you suck.

Quote of the Day

Jonathan Chaitat New York magazine:

One of the frustrating conventions of American-Jewish thought is to use the term “pro-Israel” to mean “the most right-wing position possible on Israel.” It’s a useful concept for helping to understand why, say, Jimmy Carter or Pat Buchanan is not a friend of the Jewish state. But the framework begins to collapse when the boundaries of pro-Israel thinking adopt a more right-wing position than even the right-wing party within Israel. That is the position the Republican Party seems to be currently approaching

Ten Years of Exploitation

Jon Stewart gives the other history of 9/11:

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I didn’t write anything on the actual anniversary of 9/11, probably because I feel like I said everything I need to say on past anniversaries and in the other years since.

Quote of the Day

Thomas Friedman’s been very wrong lately when it comes to domestic policy- his version of bipartisanship seems to be the Republicans becoming centrist and Obama staying the way he is, but he knows the Middle East, and this column from late last week is dead on:

I have great sympathy for Israels strategic dilemma and no illusions about its enemies. But Israel today is giving its friends and President Obamas one of them nothing to defend it with. Israel can fight with everyone or it can choose not to surrender but to blunt these trends with a peace overture that fair-minded people would recognize as serious, and thereby reduce its isolation. Unfortunately, Israel today does not have a leader or a cabinet for such subtle diplomacy. One can only hope that the Israeli people will recognize this before this government plunges Israel into deeper global isolation and drags America along with it.