Monthly Archives: October 2011

That Was a Disgusting Act by Joe Buck

I know Joe Buck’s use of the “we’ll see you… tomorrow night” call for David Freese’s Game 6 walk-off homer was controversial- some saw it as a sweet tribute to a father by his son, while others considered it sacrilege. Put me in the latter camp.
Sure, I’m biased, as a Twins fan who considers that probably my all-time favorite sports moment, and also as someone who’s not particularly a fan of Joe Buck. But announcing a game isn’t karaoke, and great calls in the past should remain great calls in the past.
Meanwhile, George W. Bush was at the game that night, marking a rare moment in which Buck isn’t the most flagrant beneficiary of nepotism in a particular room at a particular time.

Quote of the Day

Sullivan on the GOP field:

“My own take on this is that Cain is a great performer – he makes a living as a motivational speaker, after all – and the rest of the field is hobbled by one glaring problem respectively, while Cain isn’t. Perry is simply too dumb and lazy to be president. Romney too transparently opportunist for a purist party. Paul is disqualified because of foreign policy. Bachmann is a programmed bonkers-bot. Santorum is a frothy substance whose views of the world are frozen in place sometime around 1986. Gingrich is an asshole who could never win the presidency, and even those who like his permanent smirk/snarl understand that. Huntsman might as well be Al Sharpton, because of his views on climate change, gays and because of his working for Satan. No wonder Cain has a shot, given the debates. He is likable and brilliant at simple, effective presentation. He has the skills of an actor, and a roguish shamelessness that reminds me a little of Clinton. Even though you know he’s a total charlatan, you still kinda like the guy.”