Monthly Archives: November 2011

Bye Bye Barney

Barney Frank is retiring from Congress; he’ll be missed:

Frank certainly deserves better than the right-wing caricature of him, which is that he is somehow singlehandedly to blame for the 2008 financial crisis. At any rate, I really hope he decides to launch a TV career.

Film Critic Quote of the Week

Dustin Rowles of Pajiba on “Jack and Jill”

Ive seen Adam Sandlers Jack and Jill. If there is a God, he might allow a fire whirl to kill 40,000 human beings in 15 minutes, but no God could be cruel and inhumane enough to allow this movie to exist, to be screened in front of millions of innocent people. Its incomprehensible. No God would allow Adam Sandler to dress up as his own twin sister, to prance around in a dress and a wig and speak with a lisp that would haunt even demons, demons that couldnt handle the emotional carnage that Female Sandler inflicts. Its too much ugly… Jack and Jill is not a movie; its a weapon of mass destruction that not even Stalin wouldve been sick enough to use.
Jack and Jill will never be forgotten; the power of its awfulness is enough to break through the rift of space and time, to sear through the universe and destroy black holes.