Political Quote of the Week

Jonathan Chait on the Romney campaign:

Romneys overarching national security theme is pure drivel stitched together from the fantasies of right-wing talk radio. In Romneys world, President Obama jets around the globe apologizing for the United States when he is not expressing outright disdain for it and plotting to enable the rise of foreign countries to supplant American might. He offers no factual basis for any of these utterly counterfactual claims. And its the sort of theme that might work for an incumbent president against an untested challenger, but its hard to see how you paint a commander-in-chief with a strong record of wiping out terrorists as an America hater.

Chait also had a great piece last week about the biggest reason liberals are disappointed in Obama- namely, that they’re always disappointed in every Democratic president. David Frum’s piece in the same magazine about the general nuttiness of the Republicans was similarly great.

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